Cambium Wireless Solutions

Cambium Networks provide award-winning Orthogon Point-to-Point (PTP) and Canopy Point-to-Point (PMP) radio solutions that operate in licensed, unlicensed and defined use frequency bands.


Cambium Networks Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Solutions :

    Cambium PTP 100 Series (2, 4, 10 & 20 Mbps): Low cost Point-to-Point Solution
  • The PTP 100 provides backhaul in the 2.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.4 and 5.8 GHz frequencies. Using low cost reflectors, ranges can be extended up to 56 kilometers in Line-of-Sight (LOS) environments. The system also provides powerful multi-level modulation schemes to mitigate against interference.
  • The PTP 100 series also offers the scalability of simple, affordable software key-based license upgrades for additional performance and capacity as networks grow.

    Cambium PTP 230 & PTP 250 (up to 220 Mbps aggregated)
  • Want big results on a small budget? Cambium PTP 230 & PTP 250 are designed to give you high-performance connectivity and backhaul for a remarkably small investment, PTP 230 & 250 wireless bridges accelerate data traffic without increasing cost.
  • These OFDM based systems are built from the same PTP and PMP platforms that customers trust and depend on for reliable connectivity all over the world.
    Key Features
  • GPS Synchronization
    Leverages GPS Synchronization to significantly reduce self-interference allowing network operators to co-locate multiple radios on a tower or rooftop
  • Dual Band
    Dual band functionality for 5.4 and 5.8 GHz
  • Best in class performance
    Best in class small packet performance delivering up to 234,000 packets-per second (pps)

    Cambium PTP 500 Series (up to 105 Mbps) :
    For Point-to-point Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS) Connectivity
  • This Series are excellent choices for budget-conscious companies and government agencies that need to establish communications for building-to-building connectivity, high-speed Internet access, backhaul, Voice-over-IP, multimedia and video surveillance applications.
  • Available in 5.4 and 5.8 GHz RF bands and operating at data rates up to 105 Mbps.
    Key Features
  • Long Distance Link
    PTP 500 Series links have class-leading sensitivity and power output, which enable the links to go farther than comparable systems – up to 155 miles (250 km)
  • More Channels
    Combines MIMO, i-OFDM and our advanced signal-processing algorithms to create four simultaneous channels between pairs of transceivers at each end of the link, without losing spectrum efficiency
  • Choice & Flexibility
    • All units ship with a 25 Mbps base system
    • Single step license upgrades are available from 25 to 52 Mbps or 25 to 105 Mbps
    • Stepped upgrades are available for 25 to 52 Mbps and 52 to 105 Mbps
    • Supports 5, 10 and 15 MHz channel sizes

    Cambium PTP 600 Series (up to 300 Mbps):
    For The Most Demanding Environment
  • The PTP 600 Series in 2.5, 4.5, 4.8, 4.9, 5.4, 5.8 and 5.9GHz of Ethernet bridges provide more range and capacity in near- and non-line-of-sight (NLoS) environments plus delivering carrier-grade reliability. PTP 600 links have class-leading sensitivity and power output which enable the links to go farther, regardless of conditions.
  • With data rates up to 300 Mbps, this Series of high-performance and secure wireless bridges provide high throughput connectivity in some of the most challenging environments.
    Key Features
  • Highest Spectral Efficency
    With aggregate throughput up to 300Mbps, PTP 600 delivers more bits per Hz than comparable systems
  • Choice and Flexibility
    Available in Integrated and Connectorized versions, Full (up to 300Mbps) and Lite (up to 150Mbps), you can easily find a model that suits your needs.
  • Adaptable and Powerful
    With aggregate throughput to 300 Mbps, PTP 600 links can deliver up to 99.999% availability in virtually any environment, including non-line-of-sight, long-distance line-of-sight, high interference, water and desert

    Cambium PTP 650 (up to 450 Mbps):
    More Speed, Reliability & Security New!
  • The PTP 650 operates in the 4.9 to 6.05 GHz wide-band operation and delivers the hghest spectral efficiency.
  • The PTP 650 represents the culmination of deployment experiences and customer feedback from more than 75,000 point-to-point links deployed worldwide over the past eight years.
    Key Features
  • Low Latency
    1 to 3 Milliseconds Typical One-Way
  • Fast, Preemptive Adaptive Modulation
    PTP 650 systems adapt rapidly to changing field conditions with fast Adaptive Modulation (AMOD)
  • Non Line Of Sight Operations
    The PTP 650 delivers proven near-line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight performance through a combination of features including a unique adaptive frame structure, fast adaptive modulation, 1024-subcarriers, split-frequency operation, and spatial diversity

Delivering high-speed data from Point A to Point B has never been easier. With ROOTS' PTP wireless broadband solutions, enterprises, carriers and ISPs can easily connect expansive IP networks to form a cohesive system.

Offering an outstanding ROI and superior performance, our PTP platform possesses exceptional interference mitigation techniques and multiple layers of security.

    Cambium PTP 800 Series
  • Cambium PTP 800 Licensed Ethernet portfolio has been designed to ensure that today’s evolving networks can benefit from the highest level of IP-optimized microwave solutions available in the market.
  • Operating in the 6 to 38 GHz RF bands at up to 368 Mbps throughput (full duplex) and with user-configured channel bandwidths from 7 to 56 MHz, the PTP 800 Series of Licensed Ethernet Microwave solutions offer operators a highly reliable licensed band solution.
    Key Features
  • 1+1
    Includes 1+1 Hot Standby links, 2+0 redundant links in a ring or mesh configuration plus non-redundant links. Hot Standby links are designed to provide full redundancy in the event of a single Compact Modem Unit (CMU) or an Outdoor Unit (ODU) failure at one or both ends of the link
  • Effective system design
    With the smallest Compact Modem Unit (CMU) in the industry, the small form factor design helps remove customer dependency on rack space
  • Capacity as you grow throughput
    Flexible stepping options allow operators to purchase a standard 10 Mbps factory set cap and then increase capacity as needed based on throughput demands ensuring exceptional scalability
  • No surprises link planning
    Optimize licensed link performance prior to purchase and gain a complete view of your network via Google Earth with the PTP LINKPlanner. This tool also provides a complete Bill of Materials (BOM) that lists all equipment required for the deployment simplifying the order process and providing important link information needed for FCC and other regulatory bodies

    Cambium PTP 810 New!
  • PTP 810 systems offer you a straightforward, yet future- proof transition toward packet transport. The systems support both Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, making them ideal to cope with the bursts of sporadic, high-volume traffic served by Internet applications.
  • The highly- modular PTP 810 supports both T1/E1 and STM-1/OC-3 interfaces, combined with a fully packet-based Carrier Ethernet Transport solution.
  • Capital expenditures and operating expenses can be reduced to support a number of applications including:
    • Lease line Replacement
    • Building to Building and Campus Connectivity
    • Network Redundancy
    • Wireless Network Extensions
    • Video Surveillance Backhaul

  • The PTP 810 includes:
    • Modular Modem Unit Design : Supports T1/E1, STM-1, and Ethernet on a single platform offering flexibility for your unique configuration requirements
    • XPIC : This functionality allows you to double throughput capacity without increasing channel bandwidth by transmitting different data on both the horizontal and vertical polarizations in the same channel
    • Link Aggregation : Supports true link aggregation over a single link while most comparative systems require two ports to get similar throughput
    • Robust Capacity : Highly scalable throughput up to 700 Mbps full duplex with XPIC
    • Configurable Channel Widths : 7 to 80 MHz
    • Built In Cross Point Switch : Enables channel mapping without the addition of more equipment
    • Multiple System Configurations : Supports 1+0 Non-Protected, 1+1 Protected, 1+1 Protected w/Spatial Diversity, 1+1 w/Frequency Diversity, 2+0 for Link Aggregation, 2+0 Ring, Protected PDH Ring, SNCP-Like Protected T1/E1, Protected Ethernet Ring