Our Services

    Oracle License Sales & Advice

    We offer large discounts on Oracle license prices, first-year product support subscriptions and software media. We know Oracle's complex licensing rules inside-out, so are able to help our customers achieve license compliance at the lowest cost.

    We also are very keen in guiding our customers to optimize their software investment by enhancing their understanding of Oracle's licensing and pricing practices. We are ever willing to spend time listening to our customers, our partners and working with the relevant Oracle experts. We are here to facilitate better planning, management, and optimization of your Oracle investment.

    We believe that by sharing our expertise, we empower our clients to better manage their Oracle licenses and make a more informed software investment decision on the whole.

    Oracle Support

    We offer a broad range of Oracle support services providing responsive, flexible and reliable technical support for Oracle's Solutions. Whether you're looking to reduce costs, improve performance or provide additional Oracle Support to your business, we can help you achieve your goals.

    We are Oracle support specialists. Our support consultants are all highly experienced and committed. Our support clients enjoy proactive monitoring and immediate technical response to all issues logged.

    Our Oracle Support services are tailored to meet your business needs. We are confident that we have the skills, knowledge and experience to assist your business both now and in the future.

    Oracle Emergency Help

    We specialize in Oracle emergency support for Oracle customers who may not have extensive experience in Oracle crash recovery and corruption repair. We can assist you with your mission-critical Oracle production problem within minutes. All work is performed by an Oracle Certified Professional with extensive real-world experience. Our Oracle emergency services include:

  • Working with Oracle Technical Support on bug identification
  • Repairing block corruption
  • Performing database crash recovery
  • Repairing acute Oracle performance issues
  • Applying patches
  • Relieving database bottlenecks
  • Assisting with emergency hardware configuration for Oracle
  • When a production environment is in crisis, minimizing downtime is of the essence. We will always try our level best to provide a fast fix whether it requires conventional or unconventional methods.

    Oracle Installation

    The way the Oracle software is installed and your database is set up will significantly affect the resilience and performance of your system. Therefore our installation engineers are trained to deliver a cost-effective set of installation services that drive better consistency throughout the enterprise. Oracle skilled engineers consistently apply best practices and tools across all installations in an aggressive and timely manner to deliver successful, high-quality system start-ups.

    Our services combine a unique set of deliverables, documentation, checklists, and specialized tools in a way that applies discipline to the complex technical tasks associated with system installations. We also have established best practices that guide our engineers through the most efficient and effective procedures, so critical systems are up and running quickly without unnecessary implementation delays.

    Oracle Upgrade/Migration

    We provide Oracle Software Upgrade and Migration Services. We will work with our customers to address the following areas.

  • Assessment– Assess the current hardware and software environment, the current build, customizations, extensions, modifications, localizations, security, architecture, high availability, performance and the adoption of the new Oracle Software features and enhancements to confirm an accurate engagement scope.
  • Standard Migration– Carry out the "out-of-box" standard repository and presentation services web catalog upgrades with the upgrade assistant, fix the inconsistencies for one subject area, carry out the necessary post – migration configuration and assess the migrated dashboard and reports for the chosen area.
  • Upgrade Strategy Action Plan–Document and Present the action plan for the upgrade to the new Oracle Software based on the agreed engagement scope. This process includes developing a project plan with time and resources, capacity planning, installation and system management, security migration, deployment plan, adoption of new features and enhancements. It also includes tasks such as identifying training needs and change management.
    Oracle Backup & Recovery Planning

    The importance of a backup plan cannot be overstated. When you begin rolling out your Oracle Solutions in the business environment, problems might arise that even the most thorough testing could not reveal. By making regular and reliable backups, you ensure that the team can restore the system to its original state if your pilot rollout process changes or fails.

    We can play a role to evaluate your system and point out vulnerabilities. We can also plan and implement a backup and recovery plan for your organization. Whether you plan to use RMAN, Operating System utilities or other 3rd party software, we have the proven expertise to help you plan for failures and to quickly recover from them. We can help our customers implement a best-fit strategy to minimize data loss and service outage. We are also experts in other high-availability technologies.

    We also can assist you to plan the recovery and rollback process, which allows you to return your production system to whatever earlier state you require. Depending on the severity of a problem encountered in the pilot, you might need to return your production system to a baseline configuration or just roll it back to the state it was in at a particular point in time.

    Oracle Tuning

    Managing the performance of an application, over time, is a challenging task and requires regular attention to different software and hardware components – even if it was performing optimally at inception. We can help to provide performance assessment, subsequent tuning and active monitoring and alerting through best practices and custom in-house developed solutions.

    Database performance assessment and tuning is done by expert Oracle consultants who have gained knowledge from Oracle databases starting from 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g, Oracle Weblogic Servers and Oracle Application Servers with implementations from small scale applications to enterprise wide Gigabyte deployments in mission critical systems. Our consultants will perform an assessment of the current state and recommend performance enhancements and provide recommendations to help you decide if you need to tune the application, scale and load balance or upgrade the hardware to meet specific performance KPIs.

    Oracle Disaster Recovery Planning

    Business Continuity involves more than recovering an organization's IT environment in the event of a disaster. Business Continuity insures that an organization can restore its IT systems and business processes – getting employees back to work - serving customers, collecting revenue, paying bills and making products. Today's Business Continuity solutions must keep organizations up and running despite unplanned interruptions. Service availability and recovery strategies should extend beyond the data centre to the entire enterprise and value chain. A comprehensive Business Continuity solution should also include a networking plan that addresses redundancy, diversity and recoverability.

    Chief Operating Officers and Chief Information Officers consider Disaster Recovery decisions to be similar to the evaluation process used when buying insurance. The decision variables for Disaster Recovery include the Recovery Time Objective (RTO), the Recovery Point Objective (RPO), and the level of system and operating capacity that is absolutely necessary to restore business-critical operations.

    We at ACT Technology Solutions can play an active role to design your disaster recovery (DR) strategy, implement DR measures and test DR plans. All recommendations reflect your unique business requirements and budget.

    Oracle Fusion Middleware Services

    Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) is the leading business innovation platform for the enterprise and the cloud. It enables enterprises to create and run agile, intelligent business applications while maximizing IT efficiency through full utilization of modern hardware and software architectures.

    Only experienced OFM experts know the secrets for leveraging the power of OFM for enterprise deployments. Our consultants are real-world experts in regards to implementation of the OFM pillar. We are able to provide a consistent value for all jobs no matter how small. We have real-world experts with the experience that you need to get your project completed on-time and under-budget.

    We have the proven track record to provide tailored advanced support services for Oracle Fusion Middleware to help maximize performance, reduce risk and achieve high availability for your IT environment.

    Here are some Service Highlights for Oracle Fusion Middleware that we can offer :-

  • Standard System Installation
  • Standard Software Installation and Configuration
  • Performance Review and Recommendations
  • Configuration Review and Recommendations
  • Production Diagnostic Review and Recommendations
  • Patch Review and Installation
  • Implementation governance
  • Build, configuration and performance reviews
  • Production optimization
    Oracle Virtualization Services

    We have real world track record of setting up full-fledged virtualized datacentres using Oracle VM's high availability features. Oracle Virtualizations helps customers to rapidly deploy Oracle products as pre-configured templates, make critical decisions such as hardware or paravirtualization and learn to take full advantage of the management, reliability and availability tools which come with Oracle VM.

    We can help customers deploy pooled server resources to create virtual machines that support enterprise applications. We have the experts to build the infrastructure for cloud computing using the Oracle VM Server x86 technology.

    Oracle Training

    We provide Technical Training for a certain range of Oracle products. Our Instructor-led classes can be conducted at any location throughout Malaysia. Our training framework provides on-demand learning for new products, industries, new releases, and product overviews. Our training courses can be tailor made according to our client's demands.

    Our Oracle Database Training will help you develop a thorough understanding of Oracle Database, as well as its related products. By going through our training sessions you will be able to enhance your knowledge of Database 11g, Real Applications Clusters, Data Guard, and more.

    Our Oracle Fusion Middleware Training will take you on a deep dive approach to further understand some of the products under this sophisticated pillar:-

  • Oracle Application Server and Infrastructure technology.
  • Oracle Business Intelligence that helps you decide which information you see, and in which form you see it.
  • Oracle Middleware Development Tools gives you in depth knowledge of how to use these tools to create a flexible IT infrastructure that can adapt to change.
  • Oracle Data Integration enables real-time and bulk data movement, with customers reporting a 70% reduction in development costs.
  • Our Oracle Virtualization Training will help you gain the latest and most in depth knowledge on Oracle's Virtualization Technology. With the help of expert instructors, learn how to virtualize and manage your full hardware and software stack, step-by-step.

    Database Migration & Redundancy

    In today’s knowledge economy protecting your critical data is a business imperative. Having a reliable solution in place that mitigates the risk of data loss and ensures a smooth path to recovery is essential to the continued functioning of key areas of your business. The products that we carry can assist customers that have plans to migrate or create a redundant database. During the implementation of these solutions we will also assist our customers to carry out database assessment, deployment, testing & performance tuning that translates into an end to end solution.

    Dbvisit Standby is trusted in 80 countries to protect your data from hardware and logical failures, natural disasters, human error and outages. It is the smart alternative to Oracle Data Guard enabling you to cost-effectively protect your critical data infrastructure and get more out of your existing investment in Oracle Database Standard Edition and Standard Edition One software. Dbvisit Standby ensures business continuity by making a copy of your databases at a remote location and keeping it constantly updated. In case disaster strikes, standby databases can automatically switch to primary database status, making the transition almost seamless.

    Oracle Forms & Report Migration to Java

    We provide Oracle Forms & Reports Migration services for our customers who intend to move their applications to the Java platform. This will be done by partnering with Release 3 and embarking on the migration journey with our customers.

    TransForm55 - Oracle is slowly moving towards Java as a development environment of choice, there is a subtle declaration for Oracle Forms & Reports to be outdated. Even OC4J is slowly being replaced with BEA Weblogic server.

    Oracle Forms had extended the power of rapid application development for years together. So before Release 3 planned to come with their own tool, they realized that they had to bring the same advantages to Java development first. So they created the Grid, LOV, Master-detail components.

    Now after this migration, customers can take the decision of moving away from Oracle Database if they so wish. They can opt for other databases that support PL/SQL compatibility like EnterpriseDb and DB2.

    Release 3 is focused on creating the migration process which would be simple and meant for Forms developers. Something that they could relate with and use, since they have the functional skills and knowledge of the PL/SQL code in the application.

    TransForm55 was created in such a manner that developers are completely at ease with the migration UI, process and naming conventions.

    TransRep - Oracle is slowly moving towards BI Publisher as a choice, there is a subtle declaration for Oracle Reports to be outdated. But BI Publisher does not provide all the features that users need form reporting technologies of today. And it is not Open Source based. Release 3 evaluated a few choices, but many did not meet the benchmark. For example one such tool needed grouped reports to be re-created as sub-reports.

    Only BIRT provides the base features and more when it came to features like Queries, Groups, Ad-Hoc, Business Intelligence reports, Dash boards, scheduling, Charting, Bar-Codes BIRT gives freedom, without breaking the customer's backs or bank.